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Solutions for DeFi

Bloq delivers the infrastructure and expertise for building the next generation of DeFi projects.

Bloq identified the trend toward DeFi long before the concept captured the imaginations of the cryptocurrency industry and business at-large. Bloq not only provides infrastructure for building on DeFi’s foundational network, Ethereum, but Ethereum Classic, Algorand and Avalanche as well.

Supporting:Ethereum Icon EthereumEthereum Classic Icon Ethereum ClassicAlgorand Icon AlgorandAvalanche Icon Avalanche

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Bloq Connect

Start building for DeFi now! Bloq delivers managed APIs for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, with Algorand coming soon. Create an account.

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Bloq Nodes

Bloq offers full and archival Ethereum nodes. We also deliver nodes-on-demand for Ethereum Classic and Algorand, Avalanche, as well as for all major testnets. Create a node cluster.

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Open-Source Components

Bloq has open-sourced key DeFi components, ready to be incorporated into your DeFi project. Read more from our CEO and Co-founder Jeff Garzik.

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Metronome: The Original DeFi Asset

Bloq developed the first fully autonomous cryptocurrency, Metronome. A complete, well-audited crypto monetary system unto itself, Metronome features an on-chain DEX and automated daily mintage system. It was also the first DeFi asset to point to a future beyond Ethereum, with its ability to move between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic and, in the future, more chains.

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Vesper: Building the Decentralized Financial Future

Vesper is an easy-to-use DeFi platform, blending a professional, evolutionary path for DeFi with the community dynamism that drives the category. The first product is a set of Holding Pools, designed to help users select how they grow their crypto holdings as easily as they might select a fund in a 401k. This reduces a complex and expensive process to just a couple of steps. This and future products are tied together via the VSPR token, which provides the incentive structure necessary for long-term growth and decentralization.

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