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Infrastructure Solutions for Algorand

Bloq is an official infrastructure partner of the Algorand Foundation

Through its dedication to delivering the most comprehensive suite of blockchain infrastructure services, Bloq was one of the very first grant recipients of the Algorand Foundation’s Grant Program. These grants are dedicated to supporting “infrastructure, end-user application, and research innovation on the Algorand blockchain.”

Why Bloq for your Algorand needs?

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Reduce Time-to- Deployment

Get started building on Algorand quickly and leave the infrastructure to Bloq.

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Stay Up-to-Date

Bloq handles the latest software versions, patches, and responses to network events — just focus on building.

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Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Using Bloq for your Algorand infrastructure means you’ll require fewer internal resources to build and scale.

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Explore Without Risk

Whether it’s your first blockchain network or your umpteenth, Bloq makes it easy and inexpensive to start building on Algorand for the first time.

Our roadmap for Algorand managed infrastructure services:

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Provide on-demand clusters of Algorand nodes for Bloq users as part of the Bloq Nodes service.

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Operate geographically dispersed node clusters, supporting the overall network health and decentralization of the Algorand blockchain

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Q4 2020

Release managed API endpoints to the Algorand community via Bloq Connect, supporting software development on the Algroand network.

“To build a blockchain network that is equal to our aspirations, mission, and goals, the Algorand Foundation is dedicated to seeking out and supporting the best infrastructure partners. Bloq has demonstrated uniquely knowledgeable and forward-thinking expertise in the blockchain infrastructure space and we are proud to work with them as a recipient of an Algorand Foundation Grant.”

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