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Bloq delivers the most complete infrastructure for supporting blockchain businesses and building the next generation of blockchain applications.

Multi-Blockchain, Multi-Service, Multi-Token

Bloq’s expanding suite of infrastructure services is a powerful resource for building on multiple blockchains — providing the foundation for cryptocurrency business, de-risking the development process, and scaling as the best ideas grow.

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Solutions for Proof-of-Stake protocols and the enterprises that support them.

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Spin up your own private, fully-managed cluster of nodes, ensuring that your business has the powerful fault-tolerant data foundation that the blockchain industry demands.

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Accelerate your development with our APIs, delivering real-time connectivity to leading blockchain networks, as well as indexed data, and additional services.

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Access decentralized, off-chain, serverless computing power, paired with on-chain proof.

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Access simple, scalable, decentralized data storage across multiple blockchain storage protocols.

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BloqCloud Benefits

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Focus on building applications and businesses vs. managing infrastructure.

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Reduce total cost of ownership by minimizing specialized in-house blockchain expertise.

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Stay up-to-date with the latest software versions, patches, and best-practice responses to network events (e.g., forks).

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Take advantage of rapid time-to-deployment with easy access to blockchain tooling.

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