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Bloq Connect delivers scalable, high-performance connectivity to the most vital blockchain networks.

About Bloq Connect

Bloq Connect uses a set of familiar blockchain APIs to deliver everything you need to build your application without the headache of procuring, building, and maintaining fault-tolerant infrastructure. Further, it auto-magically scales as your application scales — just build and leave the rest to us.

Why Bloq Connect?

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Seamlessly transition from brainstorm to blockchain, giving you the tools to start building — Common APIs (REST, WebSocket).

Don’t worry about capacity planning as your project takes off. We scale this automatically for you.

Retrieve blockchain data in milliseconds, taking advantage of our intelligent caching of multiple blockchain networks.

Get the most up-to-date data for the blockchain networks that best suit your application: Ethereum and Algorand.

Rely on professionally managed blockchain infrastructure, coupled with expert-level support.

Maintain awareness of suspicious block activity and automatically follow community best practices during network forks.

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