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Blockchain Infrastructure Solutions for Developers

Focus on building your application. Leave the infrastructure to us.

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The Bloq platform presents developers with powerful infrastructure for developing on multiple blockchain networks, allowing exploration of the different possibilities across those networks and scaling as the best ideas emerge.

Why develop your blockchain application with Bloq?

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Powerful Infrastructure

The Bloq platform is backed by a cluster of synced nodes and continuously indexed data, giving developers what they need to build the next generation of blockchain applications.

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Network Effects

Start with one blockchain, explore others — we’re built to support several blockchain networks and we continue to add more.

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Multiple Services

Starting with Bloq Connect (blockchain APIs and indexed data) and Bloq Nodes (fault-tolerant node clusters) the Bloq platform continues to evolve and will integrate additional services over time.

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Familiar Interfaces

Bloq Connect service allows you to move from brainstorm to blockchain quickly, with common APIs (JSON-RPC, REST & WebSocket).

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Find out more about how Bloq can deliver the best infrastructure for your blockchain ideas. 

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