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Press Release

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Press Release

Bloq Announces BloqCloud: On-demand Blockchain Infrastructure for Enterprises and Emerging Companies

August 20, 2019

New Blockchain-as-a-Service Platform Enables Developers to Focus on Building and Scaling Multi-Blockchain Applications

Bloq, Inc., a leading blockchain technology company, today announced the general availability of its BloqCloud platform for on-demand blockchain infrastructure services.

BloqCloud addresses the needs of conventional enterprises that are exploring blockchain technology, as well as blockchain-native companies that are building the next generation of cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, and other services.

Accelerating Blockchain Development and Adoption

Developing blockchain applications today involves a great degree of technological friction. This includes building and maintaining infrastructure and, once that’s done, making the data and capabilities of that blockchain immediately useful in application development. Businesses also grapple with the notion that they need to “pick a winning chain” when exploring the next generation of applications.

Recognizing these issues, Bloq built the BloqCloud platform for organizations and teams of any size that want to build cross-blockchain applications, accelerate time-to-deployment, lower the cost-of-operations, focus on value-added development, and scale as their businesses grow.

The first two services delivered by the BloqCloud platform at launch are:

  • BloqCloud Nodes: Delivers a dedicated cluster of nodes, flexible enough to support both early blockchain development efforts and production applications. Bloq’s QuickSync technology allows developers to start with a fully synced node in a fraction of the time. (Initial networks at launch: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Ethereum Classic.)
  • BloqCloud Connect: Enables users to view real-time activity on the most popular blockchain networks and harness vital blockchain data services, such as indexed blockchain data and event monitoring. With a familiar set of APIs, BloqCloud Connect delivers everything developers need to build their applications quickly. (Initial networks at launch: Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.)

Moving forward, the BloqCloud platform will introduce additional blockchain and cryptocurrency support, as well as several services that enable engagement and integration with these decentralized networks. Upcoming services will include access to serverless computing resources (BloqCloud Compute) and distributed storage across blockchain protocols (BloqCloud Storage).

Built for a Multi-Chain, Multi-Network, Multi-Token World

The philosophy and vision of BloqCloud draws upon Bloq co-founder and CEO Jeff Garzik’s history in information technology (Red Hat, CNN), Bitcoin (as an early developer) and cryptocurrency integration (BitPay). In a post on the company’s blog, Sync, Mr. Garzik wrote:

“The BloqCloud platform is about meeting the majority of developers and organizations where they are — bringing the universe of decentralized networks to them and in an API-driven way that is both familiar and transformative. Today’s launch reflects only the very first services and networks we will support. We also look forward to working with other development teams to add their protocols to our service. BloqCloud is the gateway to decentralized networks.”

For more information:

  • Pricing tiers, from “Free” and “Starter” all the way to “Enterprise.” Payable via credit card or cryptocurrency.


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