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Infrastructure Solutions for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic

Managed APIs for dApps, DeFi, and Much More

Ethereum has quickly become the foundation for blockchain innovation. It brought smart contracts to the forefront of developers’ imaginations, served as the basis for a new way of fundraising (ICOs), and today forms the backbone of decentralized finance (DeFi).

Working with Ethereum Classic Labs, a leading supporter of ETC and blockchain projects, Bloq integrated Ethereum and Ethereum Classic into its managed API service — Bloq Connect — alongside other major blockchain networks, such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. The result is an infrastructure solution that is powerful and flexible enough for your project’s needs, both today and well into the future.

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Why Bloq for your Ethereum and Ethereum Classic needs?


Our managed API service is backed by a fault-tolerant cluster of Ethereum and Ethereum Classic nodes.


Our intelligent indexing and caching puts the latest data from the Ethereum and Ethereum Classic blockchains within easy access.


Build dApps on Ethereum, get them running on Ethereum Classic and vice versa. We also support the major testnets for both networks.


Our infrastructure is built to handle high-traffic environments and dramatic spikes in usage, growing as your project grows.

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Want your own node cluster?

Want your own node cluster? We also supply high-performance node clusters for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic on-demand via Bloq Nodes.

 “We’re pleased to have worked with Bloq to deliver what a decentralized future demands most at this early stage: choice. This work not only greatly benefits the Ethereum Classic community, but exposes the entire ecosystem to the vast possibilities of cross-blockchain development.”

James wu
– James Wo, Founder and Chairman of ETC Labs.

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