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Infrastructure Solutions for Avalanche

Build on a highly scalable, EVM-compatible platform for decentralized applications and the Internet of Finance

Demands on blockchain networks continue to increase as developers, projects, and organizations discover new ways to use this powerful technology. The Avalanche blockchain network was built to anticipate these needs, working toward a vision for the Internet of Finance. Bloq is proud to offer Avalanche managed node clusters (mainnet and testnet) as part of its Bloq Nodes service alongside other leading protocols.

Why Bloq for your Avalanche needs?

Reduce Time-to-Deployment

Get started quickly. Our QuickSync technology reduces the startup time to minutes, even as the Avalanche chain grows. Just leave the infrastructure to Bloq.

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Stay Up-to-Date

Let Bloq manage the latest software versions, patches, and responses to network events — just focus on building.

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Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Bloq’s infrastructure-on-demand reduces the capex and opex of building on and participating in the Avalanche protocol. 

Explore Without Risk

Bloq makes it easy and inexpensive to start working with the Avalanche protocol, whether you’re experienced with blockchain technology or exploring it for the first time.

“Bloq excels at delivering reliable infrastructure that underpins powerful decentralized applications. That expertise, combined with Avalanche’s ability to set new benchmarks for speed, throughput, and decentralization on blockchains, will help individual developers and enterprises build a new wave of products and services on Avalanche.”

Kevin Sekniqi
– Kevin Sekniqi –

Co-founder and COO, Ava Labs

Learn more about Avalanche:

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Developer Documentation: Documentation, tutorials, and code packages

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Avalanche-X: Grant program and moonshot accelerator for developers building decentralized applications on Avalanche.

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