An endeavor to deepen the engagement between enterprises and leading open source platforms and projects in the blockchain ecosystem.

BloqLabs is a blockchain technology research and testing center formed to work with and foster innovation between global businesses and the open source community. Through the support of exceptional engineers, organizations and thought leaders, BloqLabs provides a platform through which innovation and brilliant minds come together to help shape the fast-moving and cutting edge blockchain industry.


Inspired by Bell Labs and Xerox PARC, BloqLabs is a key technical contributor, financial sponsor and supporter of some of the most exciting projects in the blockchain ecosystem. We will try things, breaks things and push things to their limits in an effort to further explore and enhance the possibilities of this new technology frontier.


Bloq prides itself on supporting foundational projects for the blockchain ecosystem – BloqLabs will serve as our platform to help take ideas into production, while providing strategic resources to an incredible fount of innovation within this community of developers and innovators.



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